Business Strategy & Market Approach

Business Strategy & Market Approach

Business Strategy & Market Approach

ZinaErbil believes that products should be augmented by first-class support material, which is an integral part of the laboratory supply business in the present day. Therefore, we try to ensure that relevant articles, as well as promotional material, are readily available to all our customers.

You can’t ignore social media. That’s where all the so-called magic is happening. Some businesses have been built solely on the backs of social media. It can be intimidating at first. Sure. But as you build momentum, you’ll find posting on social media to get easier and easier over time.

One of the most powerful methods we use in our market is Facebook ads. With Facebook, We can reach a very specific audience and you can do it very easily. You can target by interest, age, relationship status, geographic location, and so much more.


Market Summary

The population of the Kurdistan region and Iraq is approximately 38.8 million Hence, the market is growing rapidly as well. ZinaErbil is registered and has ongoing projects with public and private hospitals, medical primary centers, polyclinics, and pharmacies.

Key To Success

  • Highly qualified personnel will look after the business activity.
  • Product quality and affordability.
  • Customer Satisfaction, as customers are the prime assets of the company.
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