After Sales Service

After Sales Service

After Sales Service

Provide support to all customer equipment’s and devices in the following cases:

  • Receive any service complain about product failure or issue
  • Receive customer calls for spare parts request or availability.
  • Track an open job number status and service report
  • Request a 2nd level support for an open ongoing service
  • Register official customer feedback on service job or employee

Storage & warehouses

ZinaErbil owns warehouse facilities. It is designed with latest safety & quality warehousing technology in order to consider inventory of lab medical supplies and maintain temperature and humidity control.

Division Responsibilities

Each division inside ZinaErbil is fully responsible to drive the strategy of principal and brands in the market Kurdistan and Iraq with the same approach and delivery i.e.(Pricing, Competition strategy, product distribution, sales promotion, customer coverage and sales profitability) All product specialists working under the division umbrella are directed technically and strategically by the division manager who func1onally evaluate the product specialists performance


Our Distributor Role

  • Sales forecast, stock management, storage, sales and physical distribu1on of the products.
  • Quality & availability through proper coverage, distribu1on, stock rota1on and trade educa1on through skilled and well trained sales organiza1on.
  • Seamless execu1on of marketing plans agreed with principals.
  • Feedback on ac1vi1es to principals in order to help them gain a better understanding of the market and to ensure the development of plans relevant to the needs of the local market.
  • The best after-sales services.
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